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Atmospheric pressure

Atmospheric pressure is measured by a Bosch BMP085 digital sensor. Each sensor is individually calibrated and should be accurate to ± 1 hPa.

The equivalent sea-level pressure is also tabulated (but not plotted); this is derived using Babinet's formula from the height above sea level and the local air temperature. The local height above sea level and the sensor to use for temperature are specified in the UserDB. The defaults are zero and 10° C.

Station height 70 m asl. Air temperature 15.8 °C

Local pressure Sea-level pressure
hPain HghPain Hg
1015.4  30.0  1023.8  30.2 

Atmospheric pressure over the last 24 hours


Sensor° C° FLocation
piggy_in 16.6 61.8piggery_in
office 22.1 71.7office
piggy_out 15.8 60.5piggery_out
poly_lh 19.8 67.7Polytunnel Left
propagator 15.9 60.7propagator
poly_rh 18.2 64.8Polytunnel Right
p_house_cr 15.8 60.4Polhouse CR
p_house_cl 16.2 61.1Polhouse CL
p_house_l 15.7 60.2Polhouse L
Openbarn 17.7 63.8Open Barn
Mainbarn 20.2 68.5Main Barn

DS2438 voltages

This section is more technical and is for voltages measured by DS2438 sensors. Vad measures 0 to 10V with a resolution of 10mV, and Vis measures -250 to 250mV with 0.244mV resolution. Vdd is the local supply voltage.The charts plot just Vis in mV. Each DS2438 also measures its temperature, but with limited accuracy (± 2° C).

Sensor° CVadVddVisLocation
poly_light 18.6 3.50 4.790.056875Poly

Vis (mV) over the last 24 hours

Sensor and system information

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